Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare at The Ruff House is a Blast!

If a tired, happy and well socialized pup is your goal, then dog daycare at The Ruff House is the answer! The Ruff House offers a controlled and healthy play environment where dogs have the chance to run around and interact with new friends, increase social skills and build confidence.Our attentive and highly trained pet care staff provide continuous supervision and guidance to ensure all dogs have a great day and return home happy and dog-tired!

Best of all, after a long busy day and hours of play with friends, a tired, relaxed pup awaits you ready to provide an evening full of snuggles.


Benefits of Dog Daycare and Socialization at The Ruff House

  • Provides physical activity, exercise and stimulation and helps increase a dogs mental capacity
  • Increased social skills help dogs learn how to function positively in the world
  • Socialization can also reduce anxiety, which could lead to unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking, chewing or jumping.
  • Giving your dog a positive experience with new people, sights, sounds and other dogs helps build confidence.
  • Offers "small dog" and "big dog" play groups to improve safety and quality of playtime.
  • Offers a safe and controlled environment for appropriate play to help burn off all that energy!

Enrich your dog's day!

Play and Learn

While your dog is enjoying a fun filled day of socialization, exercise and play, our staff will reinforce basic manners with repetition and lots of positive reinforcement. The more often your pet participates in our play and learn program, the further advanced they will become.

Gourmet Treats

Don't let your dog miss out on our homemade, gourmet treats freshly prepared by our staff daily. Our daily Ice-Cream social is favorite among guests and a can't miss event!

Pampering Sessions

Give your dog the kind of special love and attention they deserve. Each session is customized to your dog and can include a game of fetch, cuddling and brushing time and much more!


How to begin Dog Daycare


To ensure the enjoyment and safety of all pets in daycare an evaluation is given to assess your dog's social skills in a group setting. The evaluation is conducted on your pets first visit and is the first step to ensure your pet will have the most fun, social experience every time you bring him back to The Ruff House.

Once your pet has passed their evaluation and been approved for dog daycare, you can feel absolutely confident scheduling your pet to attend daycare on a regular basis.

Pleaseclick hereto review the guidelines all pets and parents need to know!


Reservations are required to guarantee a spot for your pup in his favorite playgroup with all his best friends. Individual or standing daily reservations can be made in advance in person, via phone or right here through our website. We do not encourage walk in's or same day reservations as they may not be available.

If you're looking for the best in dog daycare, contact The Ruff House today at (920) 720-2772.


What clients have said

“Love this place! Sebastian is always so excited to go. If I dont let him out of the car right away he starts crying. Than I take him inside and he sees the staff and he starts to do bunny hops he can’t contain himself. Everyone is so nice. Thank you for making sure my child has a great time in a safe and loving environment!”

- Sammie G

“The very best and the only place I feel comfortable leaving my “Kids” at. Professional, very personable and accommodating. I am very grateful having The Ruff House in our area. “

- Katie S

“Hannah loves attending daycare at The Ruff House. She has her circle of dog friends and over the years has grown very attached to the staff. Hannah is part of our family. When we drop her off for daycare we know she is in good hands. After all, at The Ruff House, it’s all about the dogs!”

- Tom and Jan M
Competitive Pet Daycare

We hope you agree, in addition to price, there are other important considerations when choosing a safe and happy place for your pet, including: trust, reliability, experience, professionalism, security and safety protocols, licensed business, availability, pet wellness and facilities. Click here to learn more! Discounted rates are available on select services for families with multiple pets.

Daycare is available by Half Day (5 hours or less) or Full Day (over 5 Hours). To promote regular play, we also offer discounted passes in 5, 10, or 20 day packs! Cut the time of checking in and out at the front desk and save money!

Half Day Full Day
Single Visit $15.50 $20.50
5 Day Package $75 $100
10 Day Discount Package $145 $195
20 Day Discount Package $285 $385
Enrich your dog's day with activities and pampering!
Activities are priced per pet, per day.
Play and Learn $50.00
Gourmet Treats $1.50
Photo and Report Card $2.00
Pampered Pet Session $7.00
Health Assurance $1.00
Frequently Asked Pet Grooming Questions

The Ruff House is committed to offering your pet loving and exceptional care, a clean and beautiful facility, and an array of fun and healthy activities. Our policies and procedures are designed to provide you and your pet unparalleled service and to ensure that your pet thoroughly enjoys his or her stay at The Ruff House.

Call us today at (920) 720-2772 to schedule grooming services for your dog!

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